Home Selling Process

First time selling a home? Good news for you: Allen’s helped many first-timers sell their homes quickly, for great returns, and without charging an arm and a leg to do it! Partnering with a capable, experienced REALTOR® is crucial when listing your home for sale. Remember, Allen is so sure of his abilities that he will not lock you into a long-term listing agreement. While some of his competitors may call this approach crazy, he believes that if he does a great job for you, you’ll have no reason to leave!

Allen will expertly guide you through every step of the selling process:

Step 1: Call Allen to set up a time to discuss your situation, or fill out the “What’s My Home Worth?’ form.

Step 2: Allen will meet you at your home to answer any questions and to take a gander at your home sweet home.

Step 3: Allen will suggest (in the nicest way possible!) any repairs that may need to be completed on the home prior to it going on the market. If you’re a big guy, he may go ahead and email this to you instead of doing it in person.

Step 4: Allen will go back to his office and perform a CMA (comparable market analysis) on your home to determine what the ballpark fair market value will be.

Step 5: Meet with Allen for a second time to review the CMA and to ask any questions you can possibly think of – we mean anything! If you decide to trust Allen to sell your home, a listing agreement will be completed.

Step 6: Once the home is ready, Allen will have photos taken and have the home added to the MLS (multiple listing service), where REALTORS® search for homes for their clients. The home will also be added to any additional websites/search engines where we believe marketing would be successful.

Step 7: REALTORS® will begin to show the home to their clients. The homes Allen lists are on the market an average of 62 days.

Step 8: We get an offer on your home! Allen will help you negotiate the terms and price of the home. Remember, he will be fighting to get the best deal for YOU, not for the buyer.

Step 9: Once the buyer has presented an inspection response, which consists of items they want you to correct, Allen will again help in negotiating the terms.

Step 10: Allen orders all of the title work.

Step 11: Allen reviews title work and prepares for closing.

Step 12: The big day – you sign the Seller’s portion of the closing documents and you close the transaction!!

What People are Saying:

“Allen sold my lake home within a very short time frame. My neighbors, especially those with homes that have sat unsold for months, were surprised at how quickly we were able to sell it. He put together an excellent marketing plan and handled all of the details.”

Connie Hensel (referred by Troy and Alba Jessop)

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