Any Reason Guarantee

ny Reason Guarantee

So you want to list your home, but you’ve heard your friends’ horror stories about getting stuck with bum real estate agents that they can’t get rid of for six months? We’ve heard those stories, too, and we understand your apprehension.

With Allen Williams’ “Any Reason Guarantee,” the Seller can “fire” us for any reason, at any time, as long as there’s not already an offer on the home. If we don’t deliver on the services and benefits as promised, get rid of us. Hate Allen’s tie? Can him. Your significant other yells at you for leaving the toilet seat up again? Spare the dog, and kick Allen to the curb.

How many other REALTORS® offer this guarantee? None that we know of. We’re not offering this guarantee because we’re crazy, either. We’re just so confident in the results we can produce for you that we know you’ll never take us up on our offer.

Allen’s above-average results in the following categories speak volumes about the service he provides:

Days on the market: 62
Sales price compared to list price: 97%
Number of transactions per year: 9 times more than the average REALTOR®
Experience: 100 million in real estate sold

Allen’s commission structure is fair, and with the “Any Reason Guarantee,” you’re not stuck with him if he doesn’t perform. So call him already! You, your significant other, and your dog will be happy you did!

What People are Saying:

“I’ve used Allen on two home purchases and his level of service and commitment to his clients was everything I expected and then some. I was able to purchase a home that was exactly what I needed and fit well into my budget. I was in a time crunch and he scoured the market to find the perfect home. Mission accomplished!”

Tom Herndon, Westfield, IN (referred by Doug and Jen Kelham)

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