Builder Giveaways

he builders in Fishers are standing on the ledge and looking over: their business has gone from robust to dismal in a very short time, and they’re in freak-out mode! They need to sell homes, and many are doing it by slashing prices and giving away the farm! Too bad for them, but great for you!  There are many Geist Reservoir homes for sale, as well as a number of other great Fishers locations.

Allen has sold so many homes over the last 16 years that he usually hears about builder promotions before the public finds out about them. With so many Geist Reservoir homes for sale and houses for sale in other great Fishers neighborhoods – one builder advertised $50,000 in free upgrades! We have seen everything from “free basement” promotions to no mortgage payments for a year! All we can say is…DON’T MISS OUT!

These builder promotions change almost daily. Call Allen’s team today to find out where the juicy deals are hiding…they’ll know! And remember, their service is free to all buyers.

 What People are Saying:

“Allen’s team was worth its weight in gold. We went from getting a good deal with a builder to getting an incredible deal! They made the buying experience so fun, and they were great to have as our REALTOR®.”

Jane Weddle, Indianapolis, IN

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